Céline Béguian counselor | therapist | psychologist à 78200 Mantes-la-Jolie

11 rue Planty | 78200 Mantes-la-Jolie

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Un téléphone06 87 83 92 81 de 9h à 20h30, du mardi au samedi

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Site internet de Céline Béguian http://www.celinebeguianpsy.fr


Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist and couple therapist


My practice is located in Mantes la Jolie (78).
I work with teenagers and adults.
If you want a better understanding of yourself or some support to help you through difficult times, I work to create with you a safe place for you to speak about your issues and guide you to the creation of your own answers. Benevolent and non judmental listening is one of my tools.
Here are my specialisations : individual therapy, couple therapy, teenager therapy, addictions, victimology and traumatism, sexology, burn out and work related sufferings



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